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WINenergy engaged Melbourne web design agency, Charles Elena, to help drive increased visibility and business.

WINenergy is a market leader in the creation and management of Embedded Electricity Networks in Australia. Its website is used an important channel to reach multiple target markets for sales and communications. When the website no longer delivered effective results, WINenergy  sought support from a web design agency that could help drive increased visibility and business.

Our Melbourne Web Design Agency’s Solution

The WINenergy website needs to effectively connect with three different target markets; Property Developers (Owners), Customers (Consumers) and contractors (Service people). As a web design agency with an in-depth understanding of these target markets, Charles Elena could create a design which complemented and communicated the brand across all levels.

A colour system allowed visitors to easily navigate through the site content and deliver a better user experience. Working with a Melbourne web design agency that provided transparency and technical insight throughout the process gave WINenergy great confidence in what they could expect from their new website.


Charles Elena designed a website that created an effortless user experience for each stakeholder group.

Melbourne web design agency Charles Elena delivered a dramatic increase in SEO performance with many of the targeted keyphrases reaching the first page in a Google search. As a result, WINenergy achieved greater reach of key messages and a stronger call to action response from each target market.


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