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Australian Associated Press (AAP) required a Melbourne branding agency to reposition the brand and create new identities for the master brand, sub-brands and design collateral. The re-brand project was headed by Tempo Partners director Renzo Scacco and Charles Elena’s principal David Neilson.


AAP is a national Australian news agency. It provides the country’s media as well as private and public sectors with independent and reliable news and information. AAP has been a source of video, text and images to Australian as well as international clients for more than 75 years. Melbourne brand agency Charles Elena was asked to create an identity that reflected the brand’s core idea of “Connecting Media” and would also unify the master brand, sub-brands and design collateral. AAP was also looking for a new website that would position the AAP as the leader in Australian news, information and corporate services.

Our Branding Agency Solution

Before the re-brand AAP started with more than 20 brands and so our Melbourne branding agency created a new brand architecture. The objective of the AAP re-brand was to significantly unite AAP’s businesses and increase revenue bases through cross-selling and streamlined communication and marketing opportunities.

We streamlined the brand architecture to 6 brands:
  • AAP
  • AAP Newswire
  • Medianet
  • Media Research Group
  • Pagemasters and
  • Megaform
This involved:
  • Business Strategy Review
  • Brand Portfolio Review
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Creative Development for AAP’s websites, corporate identity and marketing material

Using a Melbourne branding agency to Develop AAP’s identity also involved strengthening its perception as a trusted source for accurate, impartial and reliable media information and services. Our mission in developing the brand personality was also to portray AAP as a client-centric, dynamic and credible business. Our branding agency was also responsible for the creative rebrand of AAP based on the strategy to reflect the brand’s core brand message of “Connecting Media” and its meaning in a digital age. Charles Elena preserved AAP’s circle device but utilised overlapping gradients to represent connection and unity and give the masterbrand logo a more professional and contemporary look and feel.

To further communicate and enhance this idea of unity, Melbourne branding agency Charles Elena unified the look and feel of each of the six brands with a mark that shows each is part of the AAP family. We introduced a collection of sub-brands, each clearly distinguished with a different colour. Each sub-brand logo contained the tagline “An AAP Business” underneath the identity to reinforce that those businesses are part of AAP. The system we developed enabled each sub-brand to thrive while making it easier for people to identify each division as part of AAP.

The rebrand also involved Charles Elena creating three AAP websites. Our use of clean and crisp layouts helped to successfully project the brand as a modern, dynamic and professional news agency.


Our branding agency successfully developed a new brand architecture across editorial and media services belonging to the “one” family. Charles Elena created a clear brand strategy and delivered the core idea “Connecting Media” to positionthe brand. The new coherent visual system clearly communicates key brand themes


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