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Social Media

scrolling on Instagram business platform
6 September 2019

How to Improve Your Instagram Brand Strategy

Instagram is fast-becoming one of the most popular digital platforms for consumers who want a snapshot of your brand. Create a ‘thumb-stopping’ visual aesthetic, as well as monitoring client engagement are just two ways to improve your Instagram brand strategy and increase brand awareness. Human beings are visual creatures. We…
Facebook Application Development
21 December 2016

Facebook Application Development

Charles Elena’s website application development team has worked with high profile clients in a range of industries to create social media campaigns. Our campaigns allow consumers to interact with companies and engage in a two-way dialogue. Your company can achieve a stand out a campaign with our Facebook application development…
23 November 2016

How to grow your brand across Facebook?

Everything moves on a fast forward motion today. Information does indeed travel in lightening speeds and spreads as fast too. This impacts life and business alike. If you and your business are not up to speed, you are out of the race. Brand building in a digital age is certainly…
21 August 2013

Social media and brand success

image by: Charles Elena's branding and design experts share their thoughts on what makes a brand successful across social media. Twitter has 200 million active users and Facebook passed the one billion mark in late 2012. Because of social media's ability to reach audiences across the world, Charles Elena believes…
Charles Elena - Corporate Branding
16 August 2013

Tips for successful corporate branding in social media

Image by: MKH Marketing Charles Elena's corporate branding experts share their views on what makes a brand successful across social media. Social media not only generates brand awareness but enables companies to interact meaningfully and develop a relationship with its target audience. However, this opportunity to construct a large base of…
Charles Elena - Branding and Design
16 August 2013

Making your branding and design social

Charles Elena's branding and design experts explain how you can improve business by making your brand social. Facebook now boasts more than one billion monthly active users, Twitter has more than 200 million active users, and Youtube receives an incredible four billion views each day. Generate awareness of your brand…
Charles Elena - Digital Magazine Design
15 August 2013

Using digital publishing to enhance your social brand

If your company's digital magazine design team is wanting its content to reach the widest audience possible, then social media can help.Our social media experts share their thoughts on how to make your brand social. How many times have you logged onto Facebook lately and noticed that somebody has ‘Shared’…