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6 September 2019

How To Grow Your Social Media Audience

Want to grow your business? Want to increase your following by engaging with clients directly and efficiently? Social media campaigns are essential for any company in the twenty-first century. Here are some ways your brand can improve its presence on these platforms. In the age of smartphones and digital marketing,…
Online Branding & Advertising
21 December 2016

Online Branding & Advertising

Online advertising is key to any successful business in an increasingly digital world. Charles Elena Melbourne’s online branding company can help your grow your brand. According to a 2012 ACMA Communication Report, half of Australians go online daily. So what does this mean for companies? A promising opportunity for companies…
7 February 2016

Tracking and measuring content marketing: Why it matters

As a branding digital agency, we’ve seen how rapid the rise of digital marketing has been, and know how important it is to have the right number of available tools to measure and track a business’s marketing performance for long-term success. Consumers are a lot savvier than they used to…
Digital Publications
13 July 2015

Three reasons you should be developing a digital magazine

In a world where content is king it is surprising that the valuable and seemingly limitless platform of digital magazines is still under utilised. As digital magazine publishers Melbourne we are aware of the scope and benefits of distributing engaging branded content across mediums in one magazine. Digital magazines allow…
Charles Elena - iPhone App Developers
29 January 2014

Why your business needs iPhone app developers

With the increase in customers accessing the Internet with their mobile phones, Android and iPhone app developers can help make your business more agile and accessible. Our mobile phones are now a major marketplace as well as a communication device. Nearly a quarter of smartphone users have made a purchase…
Charles Elena - e-Book Designers
15 August 2013

Ipads, e-books and digital publications

Readers digest online content very differently to traditional print media. Therefore every e-book designer must ensure their digital publications are multi-sensory to effectively engage readers. Charles Elena explains… The Pew Research Centre has revealed the number of e-book readers has increased during the last year. Meanwhile the number of people reading…
Charles Elena - Digital Publishing
15 August 2013

Digital publishing and your business

It’s time your business embraced the digital publishing revolution, your audience is already there. Digital publishing provides companies with a range of exciting opportunities to engage with the ever-growing number of online users worldwide. It’s time your business embraced the digital publishing revolution, as your audience is already there. Today,…