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A tale of two: creative + content required for strong brand design

By 24 November 2015May 13th, 2021No Comments

With a team of creative, brand designers, Melbourne based branding, content, and design agency, Charles Elena, understands just how important consistent brand messaging is, and how to best achieve it.

It can be jarring and incredibly confusing when a customer is exposed to inconsistencies in a brand’s communication points. When a brand’s, messaging is misaligned with their visual style, it can have a powerfully adverse effect on customers and prospects.

As leading Melbourne brand designers, Charles Elena’s creatives ensure consistency across both content and creative to deliver a strong brand strategy inline with business goals.

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Inconsistency is detrimental to your reputation

As Melbourne brand designers, we’ve witnessed inconsistency across a brand’s communication points and know how confusing it can be for a brand’s customers.

If you don’t know who you are you then you can’t expect your customers to either, and as for prospective customers? Forget it. The mixed signals of your communication means they’ve forgotten you already.

What’s potentially worse than negative associations with your brand – which can be addressed and potentially rectified through a considered and carefully executed PR strategy, is a muddled, inconsistent ‘voice’. To address these inconsistencies, you may need to revisit the origin of your brand – take a look at your brand essence and ensure that all communications across every channel – both offline and online, is inline with your core essence.

You’re losing your customer’s trust

It’s an unfortunate reality that when it comes to budget cuts – marketing is one of the first divisions of a brand’s operations to be lost.

As a result, there’s generally a loss of key people or processes looking out for the messaging of your brand. Trust is key to customer engagement and conversion, so to ensure consistent results in this area, you must protect the consistency of your brand’s messaging.

Consistent creative + content are key to strong brand design

By brand design we not only mean the visual components of your brand, but your brand as a whole – including creative and content.

Ensuring consistency in both of these areas may mean revisiting your brand’s style guide and content marketing strategy and making adjustments. You should also consider the use of Melbourne brand designers who understand the importance of brand messaging and consistent communication.