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Social media and brand success

By 21 August 2013May 7th, 2021No Comments

Charles Elena’s branding and design experts share their thoughts on what makes a brand successful across social media.

Twitter has 200 million active users and Facebook passed the one billion mark in late 2012. Because of social media’s ability to reach audiences across the world, Charles Elena believes any branding and design service must involve the online social world. Social media does more than simply connect people with their friends – it provides companies with an opportunity to meaningfully connect with their target market.

However, not every brand manages to successfully bond with its audience on social media. The key to your brand’s online social media success is to attract loyal and passionate followers. Here are just some ideas that Charles Elena Design incorporates into its branding and design services to ensure your company enjoys the popularity and loyal following it deserves.

Tell the brand story

Social media is an opportunity to tell the brand story and share information that users can’t get elsewhere. Your social media sites should collectively convey the human side of your company. This may include conveying the history of your brand, telling consumers what the brand has been up to lately or even putting up photos of colleagues. Every company will require a different approach and our branding and design professionals will use social media to convey the brand story in an interesting way and in turn familiarise them with your company.

Regularly update content

Keep your loyal followers interested by implementing strategies that ensure content such as news, product and service information is regularly updated. Social media expert Therese Cator says companies that don’t update content frequently are “committing social media suicide”. We agree. Keeping content regular and interesting and even simply replying to comments, tells consumers that you value them and care about what they think. Valued customers are likely to return.

Give your clients a voice

Social media is incredibly empowering and every business should use that to their advantage. Make sure your brand’s social networking sites provide your market with the platform that enables them to become advocates for your company. This can be achieved by ensuring information about the business can be easily shared with social media plugins. For clients to feel as if they have a voice, they must also be able to easily interact with and comment on topics or forum discussions.

Engage clients visually

Engaging people is crucial. As Scott Levy from Forbes advises, “you must engage with people if you want to build a fan base and brand champions”. Facebook can engage your market unlike television, radio or print ads. Since the rollout of timeline on Facebook, Adam Schoenfeld from Simply Measured estimates images, videos and interactive graphics on the leading social media site have increased user engagement by at least 35 per cent.