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Melbourne branding company, Charles Elena’s 2016 predicted design trends

By 20 December 2015May 7th, 2021No Comments

As a Melbourne branding company, we’re always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve – making sure that the creative we put forward for our clients is fresh, relevant and of upcoming trends.

In light of New Year just around the corner, we thought we’d look at 2016’s most anticipated design trends – we’ll no doubt be executing a few of these ourselves as we head into next year.

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  1. Minimalism continues to reign

When unsure – go with clean, simple and sharp lines. Creative that is devoid of punchy, and loud colour doesn’t need to equate to boring, in fact, minimalist design and colour works to the ‘less is more’ principle sometimes subtlety works best.

  1. Vintage turns head

As a Melbourne branding company, we’re fortunate enough to experience some of Australia’s – and arguably the world’s best burgers.

One thing we’ve noticed on our lunch and dinner ventures is that there’s been an increasing amount of burger, BBQ and street truck joints drawing upon vintage Americana design. This trend is developing in popularity as we see it roll out across the FMCG industry too.

  1. Colour clashing and blocking

Once a fashion-faux pas, now a bold and acceptable (if not praised) trend, colour clashing and solid colour blocking is no longer a choice exercised by the brave, in fact, this trend is coming back strong and in doing so, we’re seeing a revival of classic power-pop colour reminiscent of the 80s – lots of neon, especially pink and green.

  1. White!

As a branding agency, we’re going to call this one and venture as far to say that ‘translucent’ or a veiled, near-invisible look is also edging its way back into design.

Not to be mistaken for point number one – minimalism, we will see white used a great deal more in 2016.

As a Melbourne branding company, we’re always inspired by what Melbourne has to offer in the way of design inspiration – and sitting within the heart of it all, we consider ourselves lucky to be a part of a city that leads design.