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How to use a Melbourne Brand Agency to create a memorable brand

By 19 August 2015May 7th, 2021No Comments

Why is Coke the number one selling soft drink all around the world despite being more than twice as expensive as most homebrand softdrinks? The answer is simple – it is a memorable brand.

Melbourne Brand Agency

The biggest asset to most major brands is that they have been able to transcend the product. When people think about Coke they don’t just think about cola but summer, youth and fun. A memorable brand leads to greater recall and moves the conversation from I need a drink to a need a Coke.

A truly memorable brand is one which has had it’s vision and values clearly developed as the starting point, it’s one based around ideas, a brand that offers customers solutions rather than products. Engaging a brand agency can help businesses elevate their market position from offering products and services to connecting with ideas. The exact shape and identity of each brand should be unique but there are some core considerations to remember.

Here is one Melbourne Brand Agency checklist to creating a memorable brand

  1. Your brand should be a promise to your clients
  2. Your brand should create a feeling with your customers
  3. Your brand should be created with your target audience in mind. What do your customers want? How are you providing that
  4. Be specific, focus on your target and be the best brand for them.
  5. Be targeted, know what channels your audience use and engage with them there
  6. Know what makes your brand unique, focus on it and communicate it.
  7. Be consistent. Stick to your messages, repeat them, reinforce them, make sure that people know exactly what to expect from your brand
  8. Stick to your style guide. Consistency extends to design. Make sure all printed, web and social media matches.

If you get your branding right you will be at the forefront of consumers minds. A great brand builds connection with it’s customers and leads to greater trust and repeat purchases. If you need to move from having a great product to being a great brand than talk to a Melbourne Brand Agency.