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Branding toolkit – how to brand your business

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Charles Elena Melbourne knows how to brand your business

Brand Strategists, brand designers, business content writers, social media strategists, marketers… you need a whole team to brand your business!

Every member of the branding company team at Charles Elena is crucial when it comes to branding a business. Each team member works together to create integrated branding and business design solutions to help you brand your business.

Brand strategists – Strategy is the first and most important part of business branding. Our strategists work to understand your company values, personality, mission and message and use these as the key building blocks of how to brand your business. This ensures these ideas are communicated effectively and consistently to your customers. 

Designers – When thinking about how to brand your business it is important to remember design. We ensure that your brands visual identity is clearly and consistently communicating your companies identity. This includes coming up with colour schemes, colour codes and a logo that are used in company brochures, billboard and digital advertisements, on uniforms and even annual reports. At the same time, our designers use their expertise to create visuals that attract and engage people with the company. As a full service agency we can then implement these designs across both traditional, print and digital media.

Content writers – research and write content for the brand. This includes writing content for the company’s website, brochures, annual reports, newsletters and advertising. Content writers are also aware of the brand’s key messages, personality and values so they can convey those ideas through their writing.

Social media strategists – specifically focus on social media and also understand the brand strategy. Social media strategists determine whether the brand wants to gain awareness, loyalty or more sales through its social media campaigns. They also plan how the company will engage people through social media and what ‘voice’ the brand will have in the digital world. If you want to know how to brand your business on a budget, social media is the answer.

Marketers  put together a marketing plan. They research the characteristics of your brand’s target market to determine what your company’s clients desire and are looking for. Marketers bring important statistics and information to the table and with this information the company can decide the best way to promote and market the product.