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How to grow your brand across Facebook?

By 23 November 2016May 7th, 2021No Comments

Everything moves on a fast forward motion today. Information does indeed travel in lightening speeds and spreads as fast too.

This impacts life and business alike. If you and your business are not up to speed, you are out of the race.

Brand building in a digital age is certainly every business’s foremost concern in today’s blessed ‘social’ era. While Google ads, Twitter, blogs, Linkedin, Instagram and many such forums are out there, Facebook is definitely the most popular of them all. With availability in over 70 languages, over 1 billion members worldwide, and more than 425 million monthly active users logging in with just mobile smartphones, it is indeed every brand’s favourite reach-out tool. *

While most brands are present on Facebook today, not all of them are fully unlocking its potential nor utilizing its best marketing features.

Brand building in digital age
There are layers to building a formidable brand value on Facebook. If you are only looking for a presence and having a decent number of followers, you only need to ensure these basic steps:

  1. Set up your Page
  2. Ensure regular and topical updates
  3. Engage your audience with compelling and visually appealing content
  4. Aim for targeted advertising

However, you can channelize the massive potential of Facebook and engage in brand building to meet specific business goals. This will require a few additional and well-thought actions.

Facebook Advertising

While paid search marketing is mostly is targeting specific keywords that users are searching for, Facebook advertising is based on zeroing on the audiences that are most likely to become your customers. These options focus directly on users and profiling potential customers in order to get clicks and grow your business.

Facebook Ads are an economical option to reach a targeted market segment with your advertising message. In addition to demographic targeting such as location, age, gender, marital status, and education level, Facebook offers a unique layer of narrowing – Interests.

This option allows advertisers to target Facebook users based on pages they have liked, their activities, and interests. When creating a new ad, Facebook displays a select group of pre-set options an advertiser can choose from known as categories, in the ‘interests’ section.

A point to remember is that the option of ‘broader targeting’ is ideal for increasing brand exposure, awareness, and expanding subscribers. And, ‘specific targeting’ is the best way for set goals, such as active engagement on your brand page and planned audience interaction.

Here are some random examples for specific targeting ads:

  • Target people by industry/financial resources/geography looking for a SUV (Facebook gives you all these options under the demographics). You can include or exclude categories or regions to further optimize your ad.
  • Filter out your ad by level of education or specific qualification
  • Reach out to particular regional/religious or even political affinities
  • Target parents with kids in a particular age group only
  • Zero in on the A-listers and affluent lifestyles based on their shopping patterns

There are innumerable combinations you can draw out to design a specific targeting Facebook ad. You need to research different target options to find the ones that best fit with your business, so you can create the right Facebook ad.

Contact Form

Another helpful feature on Facebook that can assist in your digital marketing is the Contact Form. An ‘app’ enables you to feature an additional tab to your Facebook page with a contact form. This helps visitors to contact you by sending in a message with questions or comments. While seeming similar to the regular Facebook message, the Contact Form app can collect their contact details and assist you in gaining potential customers.

There are several ‘apps’ available online that can help you install a Contact Form on your Facebook page. This Contact Form can be customized to suit your individual business needs. While the Contact Forms are accessed from your Facebook page, the completed forms can be routed to wherever you want to process your Web site Contact Form data.

You can analyse the responses from the Contact Form to measure how well it is generating leads for your business. Accordingly you can modify the Contact Form to maximize its effectiveness.

A well-crafted Facebook Contact Form can make a huge difference in building a brand and generating leads to your business.