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Improve your brand by having a consistent tone of voice

By 7 January 2016May 7th, 2021No Comments

Melbourne digital agency, Charles Elena, on the importance of consistency

As a Melbourne based digital agency, Charles Elena understands the importance of consistency across communications – both internally and externally, firsthand. In fact, you don’t even have to be in the world of digital marketing, or a digital agency, to understand that mixed messages are downright confusing, regardless of who they’re from.

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The result of mixed, confusing content can be disastrous for a brand, as they’re effectively giving their target audience whiplash and hindering efforts to achieve their goals – which should always be refined and targeted.

Here’s three tips from Melbourne digital agency, Charles Elena, on consistency across content:

  1. Ensure copy is never an after thought of design

There’s nothing worse than seeing well-considered and thoughtful design, only for copy to have clearly been ‘tacked on’ as an afterthought. While some designers can write, having a dedicated copywriter who understands how to write for a variety of mediums and channels is essential for consistency.

Traditionally, it was the art director and copywriter relationship that demonstrated mutual respect for both creative and content, thereby ensuring consistency across all work. Ensuring that a similar relationship exists in your own company effectively implements a ‘quality check’ mechanism, whereby all creative and content is given equal consideration.

  1. Ensure your company’s internal narrative aligns with their external

This is especially important if you have multiple individuals across your communication touch points. As a Melbourne based, digital agency, Charles Elena is familiar with the challenges of a company’s tone of voice and ensuring it is consistently rolled out across all channels – offline and online.

Do you have a dedicated employee with a content background who aligns your internal and external communications? If you’re going to have multiple people communicating on behalf of your business, ensure that your brand story – values and value proposition, is clear – and clearly communicated.

  1. Don’t forget social!

“I’m not a writer, I work in social” is a phrase, as a Melbourne digital agency, we’ve heard too often. It doesn’t matter what channel you’re writing for – writing is writing, and when you’re working in social, you have a direct line of communication with a brand’s audience, therefore it is absolutely essential that there is consistency across tone, language and your brand’s value proposition.