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Current brand trend: Personalisation is marketing/branding focus for 2016

By 25 January 2016May 7th, 2021No Comments

2016 predictions in branding: The year of personalisation

As branding companies look to market new campaigns and roll out content and digital strategies for the year ahead, the idea of a one-size-fits all approach to branding and marketing is becoming increasingly irrelevant – now, it’s all about brand’s getting personal with their target audience in a bid to provide tailored offerings and secure their loyalty for the long-term.

2016 will see know-how branding companies continue to shift from traditional marketing to implementing relationship focused, content marketing strategies that target the individual and really drill down to what motivates and inspires them. What we’re seeing is essentially a shift from a cold-call mentality to clever (content) marketing strategies that are continuing to evolve in their ability to target each member of its target audience intimately – it’s about understanding the individual, not catering to the masses.

Branding companies

The onslaught of digital media means that we are awash with a constant information overload, the shift to personalised marketing will require thoughtful, considered communications that cut through this noise. Using information such as demographics, browsing history, interests and location, branding companies will continue to tailor targeted messaging to the individual – cutting out the middle man and nurturing the relationship between brand and customer. Like any solid relationship, 2016 marketing strategies of branding companies will focus on building strong foundations between clients and their customers by ensuring they simply keep it real.

Content is King: The key to personalisation

As social channels such as Facebook and search engine giant, Google, continue to tweak their algorithms to ensure content served to their users remains relevant to their interests, so to has there been increased pressure on brands to ensure their communications align with this change, with branding companies continuing to guide this change in the year ahead.

Ultimately, personalisation tactics all point to one thing – a continual shift towards authenticity, with a greater focus on the ‘selling’ of an enriched experience for the customer.