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Is your business ready for a re-brand?

By 16 August 2013May 7th, 2021No Comments


Is your company ready for a re-brand? Charles Elena’s Melbourne based company branding experts help you decide whether your business needs a re-brand by revealing the questions you should be asking.

Your business can offer the most impressive products or services but won’t reach its full potential if it doesn’t re-brand when necessary. At the same time, re-branding when it’s not needed has proven to be detrimental to many businesses.

Our company branding experts have listed some important questions that will help you determine whether your company is ready for a re-brand.

  • Is your company targeting new markets? When expanding into new markets or offering new products or services, companies will face a lack of brand awareness in those new target markets. If you’re not generating the user awareness and sales that you were hoping for, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to re-brand. It could simply mean your company needs to step up its advertising, or develop a social media campaign to get its messages out to new audiences. Charles Elena’s professional team can help you decide how to effectively engage new markets (including gender or culture-specific markets) for your brand. However, if a re-brand is needed, several years of experience in company branding means Charles Elena’s company branding experts know how to effectively increase awareness of and promote your company’s new identity, so the target market can identify the re-brand.
  • Can consumers differentiate your product from the competition? Regardless of how you want your target market to perceive your brand, distinguishing your brand from the rest is key to business success. As Derrick Daye from Branding Strategy Insider says, a brand’s main priority is “differentiation”. A re-brand will help your company achieve that. Charles Elena’s brand management team can help your company re-brand itself to generate more brand awareness and develop a base of loyal brand followers.
  • Is your brand changing strategies? A re-brand will ensure your company has a clear direction if it’s considering a major shift in who its target audience is, its key ideas or the price it will charge for products or services. When a company adopts a new core idea, the company must ensure it can communicate its new direction to interested clients clearly. Charles Elena’s company branding team will revamp your brand with cutting-edge designs as well as social media and advertising campaigns to convey your brand’s new values, ideas and personality.
  • Not engaging consumers with your brand’s current identity? A brand needs to reflect the products or services that it offers and effectively communicate the the brand identity. Weak performance can occur due to a company’s inability to accurately portray this. When marketing messages are inconsistent and your target market doesn’t perceive the brand the way you had hoped, your brand’s value weakens and can lead to a drop in sales. A re-brand may be necessary to ensure consistency and that the current identity appeals to the brand’s intended target market.
  • Are your brand’s sales slowing? If your company’s sales are slowing, at a standstill or even in decline while your competitors are experiencing growth then this could be a sign your company needs a re-brand. A slump in sales could indicate the company needs a change of image through a re-brand, or it could just be a matter of stepping up advertising and social media campaigns to generate more brand awareness. Either way, Charles Elena’s company branding can help.