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Charles Elena drives brand development in Melbourne

By 3 November 2015May 7th, 2021No Comments

Charles Elena’s power-house of creatives are frontrunners in brand development in Melbourne, specialising in discovering and shaping brand essence, personality, values and attributes of a brand.

Led by brand specialist, David Neilson, Charles Elena operates as a multi-disciplinary brand agency, home to a leading team of designers, digital masterminds and brand experts and specialising in brand development in Melbourne.

Brand development Melbourne

Shaping a brand’s core essence

From the moment we sit down with a client in need of brand development,we work to determine their brand essence.

A brand’s essence is the ‘soul’ or inner workings of a brand, and can often be summarised as a short tagline. The discovery of a brand’s essence is essential to streamlining marketing messages, as well as ensuring that internal communication and work across the brand remains inline with the brand’s identity.

Development of core brand essence = brand strategy development

After establishing brand essence, we progress to brand development. This strategy stems from the establishment of brand essence, and enables us to develop a style guide – essential to the future design developments of your brand.

As a brand development Melbourne agency, we believe in the importance of establishing distinguishing, lasting brand associations. To do this, we consider who you think you are, and who you’re currently perceived as by your target audience – if at all. Working in partnership with you, we then establish who you really are via a strong, brand development processes and strategy.

Once we’ve established this, we work to create consistent marketing campaigns that make your brand easily identifiable and memorable to your target audience.

Understanding brand values

Your brand’s values are fundamental to your company’s essence and branding. A brand’s values capture and reinforce your brand’s vision, and are consistently upheld across your brand’s communication materials and channels.

As a brand development Melbourne based agency, we work to develop innovative, smart brand strategies for each one of our clients, ensuring their brand values align with their target audience, communication is streamlined and consistent, and that brand value is sustained for the long term.