Does your brand have a core idea?

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branding corporateThink of any big brand, Coca Cola, Pal or Nike. When you think of them where do you start? Did you think of the product at all? Most people don’t. For example when most people think of Coca-Cola they think of young people having fun. When they think of Pal they think of their dog and when they think of sporting triumph. These are great examples of brand’s that have successfully designed, developed and communicated a core idea. When branding corporate companies, the core idea is what your customers will remember.

So how do we get there? Branding corporate companies is a four step process and the core idea is the last step. Before we get to the core idea we need to consider the brands key attributes, personality and values. Once these are developed we can determine a way to integrate them and create a brand idea that is both desirable and believable.

The four steps of branding corporate companies.

Key attributes

Branding corporate companies starts with understanding it’s raw make-up. Who are your employees? Who are your customers and what do you provide them? Understanding the key attributes is the building block for developing the other aspects of the core idea.


What does your brand think and feel. It is important to have identified your key attributes, because this will help you inform a personality that matches who you are with what your customers want. Each brand will have a different personality that is true to them. For example a large well-established financial institution is likely to have a brand personality that is focused around authority, trust and reliability. On the other hand a new financial planning start-up is likely to have a personality that is based around innovation.


With personality established it is time to work out what is important to your brand. Your brand values are the cornerstone principals that your brand strives for. When considering values we turn what our brand thinks into who are brand acts, in the way of beliefs and behaviours. In the example above the values of the established financial planning institution may have values like “Reliability always comes first” or “Our customers will always see positive returns”, The more youthful start-up may have values like “Innovation is key to everything” or “We explore every option for the maximum return.

The core idea

Once we have these three things decided it is time to look at what we have. It’s time to use this information to develop our brands core idea. The core idea is where the functional and emotional meet and when done right it will be the first thing associated with your brand. When branding corporate companies it is important that the process is holistic and believable. The result will be strong associations and connections between your brand and your customers. This will help your brand stand out from the crowd.