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The Culture capital of Australia, Melbourne is the spot for creative thinkers

By 8 January 2016May 7th, 2021No Comments

Melbourne source of inspiration for branding companies and creatives alike

This year Melbourne was voted the world’s most livable city, and is no doubt a frontrunner in next year’s selection. But what makes it so unique? For a Melbourne branding company like Charles Elena Design, Melbourne serves as a source of inspiration.

branding company Melbourne

As designers, it’s our job to draw inspiration from a multitude of areas in life, and funnily enough, design and other designers are often the least of them. Even as far a Melbourne is concerned, it’s the culture – the energy, the people and the buzz of the city that excites us.

As a branding company in Melbourne, it’s our responsibility to strike a balance between creative and commercial, by that we mean – generating work that has a creative edge, that excites, provokes and makes you think, but is commercially applicable, or that speaks to the commercial requirements of our clients. For us, having our office situated within the heart of Melbourne’s CBD means we’re lucky enough to venture out and come back with some pretty cool ideas for our clients.

So, with that in mind, here’s two spots worth hitting up if you want to relax, get some work done and be amongst Melbourne’s creative best (or those who like to drink beer… to be their creative best)

  1. Chloe

Chloe is a little bar that sits above Melbourne’s Young & Jackson – situated across from Flinders Street station., and is a great place to kick back and get some scribbling – both words and pictures, done. Chloe is both the name of the bar and the name of a famous painting of Chloe herself, a naked woman that draws curious tourists in on a daily basis – selfie sticks and all.

From the Young & Jackson site “Throughout her life, Chloe has kept company with artists, poets, wharfies, Prime Ministers and drunks, soldiers, sailors, celebrities, bushies, labourers and art connoisseurs.” We’ll add Melbourne branding company to that list.

  1. Menya Sandaime

Australia – and even Melbourne, has the annoying habit of closing up shop early. Which means unless you want to be amongst drunk teenagers flailing around the city streets during the early hours of the morning, you’ll struggle to find late-night hang outs that don’t require you to order a round of drinks every half hour.

Which is why Menya Sandaime is awesome – Melbourne’s first 24 hour ramen shop, it’s the perfect place to sit back, slurp noodles and get your creative thinking happening.