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How to create a brand council to manage your brand

By 23 August 2013May 12th, 2021No Comments


One person cannot manage the brand alone, which is why excellent brand management requires an entire team of people. Brand leaders and strategists form a brand council to guide the direction of brand strategy and brand creative.

As Boondock Walker from Trail Mix states “it’s not necessary to have the resources of Apple or Nike to dominate your market. What you do need is a dedicated brand team comprised of executives, key stakeholders and a strategic brand consulting firm”. This, along with your brand council’s commitment to develop and sustain a brand position is key to your brand’s success.

A brand management council is the board of key stakeholders who are responsible for protecting the identity of the brand. The brand council is made up of brand strategists, brand designers and brand ambassadors. This team of experts work together to devise brand strategy and ensure the company’s actions are in line with the brand’s values and its promise to consumers.

A brand council will help add value to your company and generate brand equity by refining the brand strategy. It ensures the brand strategy will make the business strategy happen. The experts on your brand council work to align the business strategy with the brand strategy as well as determine the company’s short-term and long-term objectives.

As John Moore highlights on Slideshare, instead of asking “what will make our brand/team grow?” companies should instead be asking “what is keeping our brand/team from growing?”

Whether the plan is to increase revenue next year, reduce company costs, choose brand ambassadors, or decide which products to invest in, each member needs to consider what impact these business objectives will have on the company.

Your company will not reach its full potential without a business plan that clearly outlines the brand strategy’s objectives. It is a golden rule of brand management.

While having a number of key stakeholders can be tricky, it means more options and ideas are brought to the table regarding the brand strategy and how it’s put into practice. A brand council also enables people with different roles and areas of expertise to contribute, allowing more people to have a clear understanding of the brand strategy while bringing expert knowledge and experience others on the council may not have.