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Brand Management

By 21 December 2016May 7th, 2021No Comments

Charles Elena Design are specialists in brand management. Our team work together to position your brand. We focus on finding the right  image and develop creative content across print and digital media to communicate this with your customers.

Our promise

One of the telling attributes of a great brand is visual consistency. It’s a cornerstone of proper brand management and is one of the areas in which Charles Elena excels.

Mixed messages can be sent to the consumer, causing confusion, buyer dissonance and lower sales.

David Neilson, the principal designer and director of CED, believes that every touchpoint to the customer must be consistent and true to the brand’s image.

“We monitor a brand’s visual system to ensure all creative that is produced is consistent with the visual theme. In brand management terms, it means that every piece of creative has to align itself with the brands tone, fonts, colours and graphic devices. This is absolutely essential as brands expand their digital footprint,” David Neilson says.

For example Apple, one of the most successful companies of the 20th and 21st Century are notorious for being fiercely protective of its logo and visual brand. Apple computers and products all display a uniform, sleek look, with packing that is identical in its themes and motifs

Television advertisements, billboards and websites all refer back to a strict visual branding system, part of the mix that has catapulted Apple to such stratospheric heights.

New products and services

Once a branding company has developed a style-guide and visual architecture, it must ensure that all new products and services are created according to this framework. This involves all visual brand elements such as packaging, advertising and the look and feel of the brand – even staff uniforms and point of sale devices should adhere to these standards. This creates a reliable and seamless experience for customers of your brand.

Priority studio time

Charles Elena Design gives branding clients priority studio time to ensure all work is efficiently delivered to a high standard. This includes researching the latest and greatest technologies and trends in the market.

“We employ a trend and technology manager, whose role it is to seek out the newest trends and effective technologies,” David Neilson says.

“This means our clients receive brand management advice that is up to date and utilising the most effective online tools. We constantly analyse websites in terms of navigation, Google statistics and user experiences, refining the sites look and feel to increase their potential.”