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Brand strategy and brand identity

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As a multi-disciplined brand agency, Charles Elena Melbourne takes pride in creating strong brand identity for numerous clients. Our Melbourne studio also maintains a reputation for developing solid, unique and comprehensive brand strategy and brand creative. We will give your business a corporate identity which engages your potential customers.

A clear and effective strategy needs to be in place before having a creative, which is why Charles Elena Melbourne aligns the creative with a brand’s strategy. To ensure consumers will easily remember your brand and what it stands for, our professional team can help build your brand identity by:

Developing a philosophy

Firstly, Charles Elena will work with your business to help develop its philosophy. A philosophy will embody your brand’s values and beliefs, which Charles Elena will convey to consumers through creative design. Charles Elena goes to great lengths to understand the products and services your company offers in order to establish the brand identity and create designs which reflect the philosophy,

Conceptualising the philosophy

Charles Elena then gets to work on conceptualising the philosophy. We transform the brand’s philosophy into a physical identity through focusing on differentiation and consistency in design.

  • Our Melbourne design studio partners with your company to determine how your brand differs to others in the marketplace. We take the time to understand how our clients’ products and services stand out from the competition. Our case-by-case approach means our unique designs reflect each brand individually. It’s a winning approach.
  • A brand is essentially a promise to its target audience and therefore the brand identity and messages should be consistently conveyed through design. Consistency is key to building an iconic brand and Charles Elena ensures the brand identity reflects the products and services your company offers.

Getting your brand identity out there

The tech-savvy crew at Charles Elena strategises to bring the most awareness to your brand. Our professional team will ensure your brand’s core values, beliefs and personality are transformed into unique, appealing designs and are reinforced at every opportunity.

  • Todd Wasserman from Mashable reports 45 percent of social network users interact with brands online, with that figure even higher for people aged 18 to 23. Charles Elena uses social media to give people the ability to interact with and spread the word about your brand, as well as inform and excite your target market about your company.
  • Charles Elena works to reinforce your brand’s message through dynamic marketing campaigns. This enables your target market to easily identify and remember your brand.