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Developing your brand across social media on a budget

By 16 August 2013May 7th, 2021No Comments
image by: Tax credits

image by: Tax credits

Brand development and social media are interconnected – we live in a world where people spend countless hours on social media sites. Charles Elena Melbourne can help your company with developing your brand across social media on a budget.

Many businesses fail to realise that a company can further promote itself on social media by taking advantage of other brands.

Using social media for brand development:

Differentiate your brand

Companies shouldn’t be afraid to make comparisons with competitors and use their downfalls in order to differentiate your brand and highlight how your company’s products or services are superior. However, the trick is to make sure it’s done cleverly and with class, as everything your company does publicly forms part of its corporate identity. Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ television commercials showed one younger, casual guy who represented Mac as he stood next to an older, less credible man in a suit representing PC. The ads aimed to make Apple’s product seem superior and modern, while the PC guy falters and struggles at every chance. The television campaign further gained attention from potential customers when the debate was continued on social media.

Knock back negative claims other brands make about your company

Strategically rebutting another company that has publicly criticised your brand will win praise from old and new supporters. Those supporters take to social media and share their views and information with tweets and comments on the brand’s Facebook and twitter pages. When an Audi billboard mocked BMW’s chess tournament with a caption saying ‘Chess? No Thanks I’d rather be driving’ BMW hit back by erecting a significantly bigger billboard which appeared across the street from one of Audi’s advertisements. Audi’s next billboard stated ‘Your Move, BMW’ while the new BMW billboard showed a larger BMW car and the word ‘Checkmate.’ Not only did this generate brand awareness, but BMW’s loyal followers from around the world were on social media cheering for BMW and spreading the news about the company’s strategic move.

Don’t sound like a corporate company 

Charles Elena Melbourne knows the importance of injecting life and personality into a brand in brand development and it’s no different when your brand is communicating on social media. Our team works to ensure your brand speaks with its target audience through social media campaigns that may be witty, clever or funny. It is an important part of brand development

A company doesn’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to strengthen its name across social media. Unlike television, radio and newspaper advertisements, companies don’t have to continually buy air time or space to advertise its products through social media. The key to brand development in the online social sphere is to harness your loyal supporters and attract new ones to spread the word about your brand.