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The difference between graphic designers and brand designers

By 16 August 2013May 7th, 2021No Comments


It’s a question that stumps many people – what’s the difference between a graphic designer and a brand designer? As a full service Melbourne brand design agency, we think we’re qualified to answer it. In a nutshell, a graphic designer is focused on making things look pretty. Brand designers seek to build and strengthen a brand’s identity.

Understanding a brand’s story, their core idea, how they are currently positioned and how they would like to be perceived, cannot be understood by a creative team alone. It’s a partnership between client, brand designers and brand strategists.

It all starts with the client …

Charles Elena Design in Melbourne is client-focused, our team bases its work around what you want for your company. We understand your business, what it stands for and what messages your company wants to communicate effectively.

Our brand agency team  consists of experienced brand strategists, professional brand designers, and talented graphic designers work collectively to produce designs that reflect clients’ values – always with an aim to exceed their expectations, of course.

There are three main roles which we will dissect:

1. The brand strategist

A brand strategist works to understand your company’s objectives and help determine the key ideas, messages and qualities of a brand. We equip our brand strategists with extensive resources to research the needs and desires of your target market, while also determining how your target audience currently perceives the company. Our experienced brand strategists then determine the best way your brand can effectively communicate its message, values and ideas with your audience.

2. The brand designer

A brand designer focuses on the identity of the brand, and is responsible for creating the visual elements that people associate with a brand and ensuring they are consistently applied to designs. Such elements include the brand’s logo, the fonts used by the brand and the colours the brand associates with for purposes of differentiation.

3. The graphic designer

After cooperating with the brand designers and brand strategists, our graphic designers create dynamic designs that will capture your audience’s attention. Their work includes creating patterns, layouts, words and images for a range of projects, such as newsletters, logos, brochures, annual reports and promotional material.