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How to use brand design to build brand equity

By 16 August 2013May 7th, 2021No Comments

brand equity

Use brand design to build your brands equity. Good brand equity will lead to loyal consumers who are more willing to pay extra for your products or services. Our Melbourne based brand agency specialises in brand strategy and brand design. We use these to create integrated solutions that build our clients brand equity.

Brand equity establishes trust, brand associations and an emotional connection with consumers. It also helps generate brand awareness and customer loyalty. Clear and identifiable brand design is a great way to build brand equity.

Check out these terrific brand design examples as we detail how these leading brands have built equity through consistent brand design over the years:

  • ABC logo: brand equity takes time, and the ABC has had many years to build its equity. The ABC logo topped Desktop Mag’s list of Top 10 Australian Logos. In 1975 ‘the worm’ as it is called, was simply black and white, until 2001 when the ABC updated its logo to include a worm with different shades of silver and the black letters ‘ABC’ underneath. This gave it a modern feel, and then new designs were created for channels ABC 1 and ABC 2, still containing a version of the worm. This logo is and always has been easily identifiable to consumers and increases brand awareness.

abc_2001 ABC1 logo 2011

  • Nissan sports cars: brand design is about reflecting the company’s identity, and it’s important that businesses develop a strong corporate identity and reinforce those qualities at every possible chance. Nissan has built a solid brand image of creating performance cars that are reliable. These associations are reinforced in each advertisement about its high-powered vehicles, making it memorable. Social media can also help build brand equity. Nissan’s Facebook page gives its loyal followers regular updates and videos, which keep viewers interested and reinforce in the viewer’s mind that Nissan’s sports cars are more advanced, reliable and can be pushed to the limits.


  • Coca-Cola: this is the classic example of a brand that has built trust and loyalty in its brand. There are a lot of people who will only drink Coke, not Pepsi or a generic brand. That’s because there is a perception that the brand is better quality than other companies, and loyal followers have established an emotional connection with the brand. People worldwide can instantly recognise the brand by its distinctive logo, which has changed little since it was established more than a century ago. Coca-Cola takes the number one spot on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2012.



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