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7 Steps to a killer brand name

By 29 October 2014May 7th, 2021No Comments

We recently covered the importance of finding the right name for your brand, we didn’t think it was fair to tell you how important it was without also giving you some advice on how to get it right. So here are our 7 steps to getting your brand name right.

Brand name

Do your research

There are a lot of things you need to understand before you begin to develop your brand name. Survey your customers and competition to understand what your competitors are doing and what your customers respond to. In this process pay close attention to what kind of name you think works for you. Decide whether you want your name to be:

Descriptive – Tell consumers what to expect from your name. Think brands like General Motors, The Reject Shop or Chemist Warehouse.

Emotive – Link your brand name to the emotion it wants to be linked with. Brands like Action Indoor Sports, Beats by Dre or Monster have used emotive words to use their brand name to begin the brand positioning process.

Abstract – These are the creative brand names that are used to spark intrigue but are not linked to an obvious emotion or the product. Apple, Nike and Ford are all examples of abstract brand names.

Conceptualise Collaboratively

Once you’ve done your research and you understand the type of brand name you want, it’s time to come up with ideas. The best brand names are often a result of brainstorming and group collaboration. Develop as many names as possible. These can then be shortlisted later, but first you have to be creative. Create a space where ideas are being thrown around and bounced off each other freely.

Measure your favourites

Take a sample of your favourite brand names and test them. Ask friends, colleagues or customers. Be sure to consider to find out the following about your potential brand names:

Is it Distinctive – Does your name stand out from the crowd? If your name is to similar to existing competitors you run the risk of being confused. Avoid competing with them directly for search and digital landscape.

Is it Suggestive – How does your brand name convey a message? Does it say something about what your product does? Does it convey attitude? How does it convey tone phonetically?

Does it sound good – Does your name sound pleasing when said aloud? Does it feature alliteration (Coca-cola) or assonance (repeated vowel sound Zoho) a name that is fun to say is a good way to increase memory in early phases

Is it available – Make sure your name is available and the digital real estate is available. There is no point coming up with a name and strategy only to find out that you won’t be able to own the domain space for your brand name in your country.

Refine your favourite

Based on the initial testing pick a favourite and refine it, work on any areas for improvement to get it just right.

Test it again

Test again and make sure you have improved the areas you were hoping too.

Create your brand design

You’re now ready to start to design your brand logos and other creative visual branding aspects to go with your brand name.