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5 tips for branding your small business

By 1 December 2015May 7th, 2021No Comments

Melbourne branding firm, Charles Elena, shares five tips for greater chances of branding success.

As a Melbourne branding firm, one of the challenges we see small to mid size businesses face is how to get the most mileage out of a small marketing budget. In fact, it’s somewhat of a catch-22 that to cut through the noise of their competitors, drive their business objectives and achieve their goals, small businesses must allocate resources to develop a considered marketing strategy that encompasses both offline and online channels, with a lack of budget for these purposes leaving them at square one – the need without the means to achieve their objectives.

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However, there are ways to achieve your branding goals on a small budget. Here are three of them:

  1. Consistent messaging

There are many Melbourne branding firms that specialise in brand development. But before calling upon the services of one, there are a few steps you can take yourself.

Address your messaging across all of your communication points, and check that it’s consistent. This includes both visual creative and content. Questions key people within your business should address are as follows:

  • Are your brand’s visuals inline with your style guide?
  • Do you have a consistent tone of voice? And is this tone of voice consistent across all your communication points – EDM, social and all other digital and offline channels?
  • Does your brand’s core essence align with your business goals and current product and service offering?
  1. Take stock of what your customer’s are saying, and act

One of the best and yet under utilised resources are your customers.

Gather customer feedback via your website or social channels and assess their pain points. Is there anything across your branding that’s confusing them? Address how you handle customer enquiries and complaints and ensure that you’re using a consistent and considered tone of voice.

  1. Ask your people

Don’t just leave it to the experts. Your people are your subject matter and business experts.

Utilising the eye of the people that understand you best is a great way to encourage involvement and build team morale, whilst ensuring every one of your staff are on board with your branding goals. The key here is consistency – once you achieve this, you can later use the services of a branding firm to refine your tone of voice and brand essence.