Brand Agency MelbourneCharles Elena is located in the heart
of Melbourne’s CBD

Our experienced team of web designers, UI / UX experts, web developers and graphic designers are on the tools and responsible for hitting deadlines daily. We have an open plan studio where communication flows freely… so no egos live here. We are a long established branding agency. Melbourne is an awesome place to live and work.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing heads love the direct interaction with our creative team and we pride ourselves in offering this unique experience.

Here’s to great creative!


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Brand Agency Melbourne

Branding is all about making impressions. Every interaction is a chance to communicate your brand to potential customers.

As a full-service brand agency we have experts in-house to help you every step of the way. You can rest easy knowing that every experience someone has with your brand is consistent and rewarding.

Because all of your branding is being done by the one team, you know that there won’t be any mixed messages along the way. That means consistent and effective creative communication across all your marketing material.

No matter where your customers find you, the message will be the same. We’ll make sure that your audience know exactly who you are, what your brand stands for and why it is amazing.

Grow your brand with our brand agency Melbourne

How we grow your brand

Our brand agency Melbourne has a mix of strategists and designers working together. Our team works with you to understand what your target market needs.

We also find out what sets your brand apart from the competition. We take that information to develop graphic design, web design and digital marketing to promote your brand in its best light. We create a branding solution that communicates your brand essence to the world.

The result is branding that informs your customers of how your unique brand meets their specific needs. We will ensure that every experience with your brand is authentic and meaningful, whether they find you in a brochure, on social media or on the web.