Best Western Premier – Web Development Melbourne

Best Western Kew required web development company in Melbourne to create an independent website reflective of its premium brand.


Located in inner city Melbourne, Best Western Kew forms part of Best Western’s premium suite of guest accommodation and facilities. Best Western Kew did not have an independent web presence. This meant that all promotions were done through the website of its three star parent company. Best Western Kew was failing to reach its target market and struggled to promote its conference facilities, onsite restaurant and Brewhouse.

Our Web Development Company’s Solution

Best Western Kew needed a web development company in Melbourne to highlight their brand.Charles Elena designed a website to give them an online presence which reflected Best Western Premier’s high quality brand.

Charles Elena, a full service web development company in Melbourne, created an encompassed strategy, web photography, creative direction and technical development to create a website synonymous with the quality of the brand and its features. A chef’s blog was created as part of the website development services, to encourage engagement of online visitors, influence search engine optimisation and create a ‘voice’ for the bar and restaurant.


Within six weeks of the Spring Racing Carnival – a prime tourism opportunity – Charles Elena used its website development services to create an independent online presence for Best Western Kew.

Along with an improved ability to reach its target market, the website development services helped the hotel improve awareness of its onsite restaurant and Brewhouse, now a popular choice for guests and locals to the area.