Charles Elena - Think big and grow your brand

People buy a product, but they connect with a brand.

Using your brand story to build customer relationships is the best way to increase consumer trust and encourage repeat business. Our studio offers a range of branding services that will increase your brand weight, elevate your brand awareness and brand recognition.

Our Melbourne based team of strategists, visualisers, designers and creative communicators will attract, engage and profile your target market to formulate creative branding to suit your needs. From a logo that stands out form the rest to your very own e-publication, we work from the bottom up and our process is based on solid editorial design foundations.

We offer full service end-to-end branding. That means we’re with you every step of the way to identify what’s unique about your brand.

Our Branding Services

Brand Strategy

The core of every brand is getting the personality right. We analyse your audience, what makes your business tick in order to develop a clear, concise and authentic personality for your brand.

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Brand Personality

This is the heart of all branding and communication. We help you discover whether your brand is cutting edge, sleek, curious, playful, serious or reliable. We develop a personality that encompasses who you are and what you do with create digital campaigns, visual designs and email blasts that people can relate to.

Brand Creative

Our team are specialists at creating intricate integrated branding campaigns to engage your audience. We use your brand essence to give your customers a consistent experience whether it be an eye catching logo, an engaging social conversation, well developed marketing collateral or an interactive website.

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Visual Brand Identity

Our designers are part of the conversation so they understand your brand as well as you do. So whenever someone picks up your packaging, sees your uniform, your brochures, your social media ads or your website, they will have a consistent customer experience that reinforces what makes your brand special.

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Making your brand special is what makes our brand special.